How To Support Your Wife Emotionally :

Dear Husbands,
Is your wife having a bad day or bad days? Have you stopped to really think and evaluate how you can be a help to her? What does she appreciate that could help brighten her day? Start with the simplest easiest thing you can do. Sincerely connect with her and how she’s feeling. If it’s you she’s upset with, take this wise advice I once read.
#1: Share in your own words what your wife is saying. Instead of being DEFENSIVE, try to find a reason to see how you did do what she feels. Then do something about it to let her know that you have a change of heart or attitude. For example, if your wife complains that you spend too much time with your hobby or job, you could make the decision to create a special date night a week to start fulfilling the need for more connection.
#2. Send a thinking about you text throughout the day to encourage your wife that you are there for her.
#3. Write a love letter.
#4. Call your wife just to check up on her.
#5. If you can afford it, buy a small treat that lights her day like a rose or her favorite candy bar.
#6. Persist in kindness and love (even if she’s upset with you).
#7. Don’t take her concerns lightly (just because it wouldn’t bother you).
#8. Respect and value her difference.
#9. Understand that the same sensitiveness she reveals in pain is also what helps her to be a great wife and mother who is there for you when you need it and the children.
#10. DON’T EVER GIVE UP on helping your wife ! God never gave up on us, and your wife has been there for you in the good, the bad, and the ugly.
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