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Beware of cheap minded marketplaces in India, they don’t have any quality check procedures + anyone can sell fake/AAA copy of electronics/accessories there (impossible to detect). Basically, online marketplace is an international concept (amazon, ebay, ) but in India where everything is impossible, easily to sell everything cheap to fake with complaining in consumer courts… coz buyers don’t know the AFTER-SALE SERVICE SYSTEM of fake CHINESE PRODUCTS. So, don’t buy anything expensive/according to you electronics from these marketplaces or you will be ditched.

A review by a buyer for, eBay:

Like other buyers, i am very disappointed that Amazon allows counterfeits to be sold through its Marketplace. Its understandable that it is difficult to SCREEN EVERYONE and EVERYTHING being sold, but in this case, there should be a SOLID buyer protection program. Ebay is doing a good job with that. Amazon is solid when it comes to purchasing products directly sold by them, but they dont seem to care when you shop from their Marketplace.

Sudhin Mathur, Director, Smartphones-Lenovo India said, they have noticed in the past few months is that some of these sites, and largely due to a MARKETPLACE kind of a SETUP, there are a lot of resellers that have cropped up, which are selling at very low predatory prices. These we believe may or may not be an AUTHORISED or GENUINE products.

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